Who I work with…

Coaches, Authors, and Educators

You have something AMAZING to share with the world and I would love to help you get your message out. Allow me to help you find opportunities to speak to your ideal audience through live events, podcasts, etc.

Photographers & Videographers

Because I am also a photographer, my experience will be a great asset to your photography and videography business. I am well equipped to assist you with a multitude of audio/visual specific tasks such as photography and video editing,  IPS appointment scheduling, optimizing photographs and videos for your website, product fulfillment activities, serve as an onsite assistant shooter, and more.

Musicians & Artists

As a former performer and songwriter, I can provide help with keeping your calendar organized and updated, booking your travel arrangements, creating your promotional materials, updating your website, look for gig opportunities, social media updates, and all the other work necessary to keep you in the studio working on your next creative masterpiece.

Podcasts Producers

I can provide assistance in researching episode topics, scout and secure guests for your show, editing your audio files, and more.