How can I help you feel supported, feel good, and help you achieve maximum productivity to get more done in your business?


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I totally got your back!

You can benefit from my help by allowing me to take care of the every day tasks behind your brand like:

  • Social media management and marketing

  • Email marketing assistance

  • Dubsado set up and management

  • Client management and on-boarding

  • Photography and video editing

  • Creating eye catching marketing videos

  • Podcast editing and formatting

  • Website and blog management

Your investment includes:

  • More time working on things only you can do in your business.

  • More opportunities to grow your business.

  • Having someone there to help keep your business running when you're unable to.

Virtual Assistant Services begin at $597 for 10 hours!

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Who I work with…

Coaches, Authors, and Educators

You have something AMAZING to share with the world and I would love to help you get your message out. Allow me to help you find opportunities to speak to your ideal audience through live events, podcasts, etc.

Photographers & Videographers

Because I am also a photographer, my experience will be a great asset to your photography and videography business. I am well equipped to assist you with a multitude of audio/visual specific tasks such as photography and video editing,  IPS appointment scheduling, optimizing photographs and videos for your website, product fulfillment activities, serve as an onsite assistant shooter, and more.

Musicians & Artists

As a former performer and songwriter, I can provide help with keeping your calendar organized and updated, booking your travel arrangements, creating your promotional materials, updating your website, look for gig opportunities, social media updates, and all the other work necessary to keep you in the studio working on your next creative masterpiece.

Podcasts Producers

I can provide assistance in researching episode topics, scout and secure guests for your show, editing your audio files, and more.

Some of what my clients are saying…

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"Once I am clear on what I want, and I hand over the project to her, I don't have to worry about it"

She found a speaking engagement for me the first month I hired her.  She is continuing to follow all the leads that will get me on stage to spread my message.  There is not a thing she cannot help me with. If I need help with my website, she is right there! I needed my opt-in quiz to be design digitally, she got it done. I needed my social media "likes" to increase, she got that done.  Basically once I am clear on what I want, and I hand over the project to her, I don't have to worry about it.

- Nukhet Hendricks, She Leads Fearlessly

Samples of work

Designed speaker one-sheet for speaking opportunities.


Booked to present her signature talk "Unleash the Fearless Woman Leader Within" at the 2018 Year of Action Conference in Boston, MA.

Designed ad creatives for Facebook and website/blog ad space.


"She really helped me to focus on the content of my social media and gave me a strategy that has allowed me to be consistent"

Things are pretty great. Sherrie Lanell really helped me to focus on the content of my social media and gave me a strategy that has allowed me to be consistent with the information across all my social media while attracting my ideal clients. Creating and scheduling content has never been so easy with the assistance of the Multipod Mom.

- Abeki Carter - Business Coach & Event Educator

Samples of work

Designed Logos and created a style sheet for a consistent brand appearance for social media.


Created and managed Facebook Public Page and Facebook group community management.

Designed branded social media graphics for Facebook and Instagram.


"I am definitely keeping you top of mind for referrals for VA work and photography!"

I needed photography that captured the essence and vibe of my annual event. I've known you for a long time and I love how you tell stories with your photos. You captured amazing photography over the past three days that told the story of the event - from the feelings, to the activities, to the intimate moments. You know me and know my brand, so you were able to capture the REAL me. I liked how easy you were to work with. It meant a lot that you came to the venue for the walk through and really learned your way around. I loved the videos with the photos at the end that you provided for my website. The photography is amazing. You truly captured what it is that I am about!

- M. Shannon Hernandez, Creator of the Content Personality™ Brand

Samples of Work


Photography and video highlighting some of the best moments from Time and Freedom LIVE! hosted by M. Shannon Hernandez. 


Created a marketing teaser for Time and Freedom LIVE! from photos provided by M. Shannon Hernandez.


"I absolutely LOVE working with you, my dear."

I always feel so productive when we get stuff off my plate, out of my head, onto your plate, and you get it done! Lol That makes me happy.

- Leslie Horn Trosset | Leslie Horn Marketing



I've always outsourced things since 2014 (how can I not with two small kids) but this time my energy is different. My energy has really let go of a lot of control and I feel more deserving of support than ever before. I want to share how very supported I feel and give thanks to you. I can actually think AHEAD for my business as well as show up as LIGHT to my tribe right now because I am not bogged down by day to day and small details.

- Renee Li | Soul Purpose Success Mentor and Healer

Samples of Work


Edited and styled existing video to re-purpose for website's home page.


Photographed Renee at a speaking engagement and created a marketing video.


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