F.A.S.T. Journey to Mental Freedom in your Business

Private mentoring to help you develop business policies that support your mental health.

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Are you an entrepreneur with mood disorders and you want to drastically improve productivity in your business?

Do you feel guilty about not feeling up to task?

Do you make up excuses to explain away missed deadlines?

Do you struggle with having tough conversations about your mental health with clients?

Do you find it difficult to keep to a routine?

Do you wish there was a magic tool to manage your business with your unique mental health challenges?

If you said yes…

I can confidently tell you that it is possible to find ease in managing (and even growing) your business while supporting the needs of your mental health with the right systems in place.

It begins with identifying and eliminating the blocks within your current processes and weaving in self-care practices.

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As an entrepreneur, I felt like a fraud.

When I became a full-time entrepreneur, I fooled people for a long time into believing I had it together, when in truth I was all over the place. I couldn’t let on that I was having a hard time with my mental health and my work suffered.

I became exhausted trying to keep up the pace of someone who’s mentally healthy. I was afraid to share that I was unwell for fear that it would be dismissed as an intolerable excuse. I was losing control and spiraling deeper into depression.

My mental health challenges were sabotaging my ability to make a living on my terms.


It became clear that I needed to take action.

I didn’t want to let go of my business. I realized having a mental illness presented challenges that require a different way of doing business.

So I took a deep look into how I managed my operations and saw that in no way did I account for my absolute need for self-care.

Once this realization came to surface, I immediately began the process of putting together policies and procedures to help facilitate consistency in my business - with special considerations for managing life with a mood disorder.

This was a game changer!

Now, I have a real structure in place for my business and am able to experience real freedom as an entrepreneur.

Gone are the days of scrambling to get tasks done and feeling incompetent.

My clients feel totally supported and trust me to get things done on time.

I receive my clients' full support of my mental health needs.

AND I’m positioned to scale and expand if I choose to.

In my F.A.S.T. Journey to Mental Freedom program, I work with you for to develop your own unique policies and procedures to support your mental health.

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The F.A.S.T. Journey is where you will...

Form a winning mindset for success

by overcoming patterns of stinking thinking and dispel limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

And form a strong business foundation

by discovering what is happening now in your business and set intentions for improvements.

Standardize self-care boundaries

by creating policies and operating procedures to support your mental health challenges.

Transform your business!

The F.A.S.T. Journey ™ Program Includes

A clarity conversation

Our program begins by discovering what is keeping you from mental freedom in your business and gain clarity supporting the next steps.

3 FAST Journey VIP Days

Three 5-hour deep dive workshops as follows:

Day 1 - We will do a complete analysis of your business’ operations and a productivity audit to see what's working and what can be improved.

Day 2 - Create a structure and document processes for your standard operating procedure (SOP) manual and set up new systems and tech as needed.

Day 3 - Finalize your SOP ensuring the efficiency of systems.

6 Bi-weekly Milestone Conversations

We’ll discuss your moods and behaviors, make SOP adjustments where needed, establish priorities with projects and issues, and define needs for support

Unlimited email and text support

While in the FAST Journey program, I am available during business hours for additional support and accountability by email or text message through Voxer - a cell phone walkie-talkie app that’s AWESOME!

And you get these bonuses!

Branded e-Manual of your standard operating procedures and workflows (a $1500 value!)

Recordings of all meetings and conversations

Community Coaching in my private group on Facebook

Subscription to the FAST Journey newsletter where you’ll get more tips and tools for success

Do not overthink this…

Tap apply now and take the next step toward mental freedom in your business.

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Sherrie Lanell

Hi, I’m Sherrie Lanell, an Entrepreneur with Bipolar Disorder II and Anxiety.

I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs living with depressive disorders take their power back and own their life like a BOSS! See, I know first hand that it's possible to lead a life with joy, power, and freedom. Through intuitive coaching and mentoring, you will see what is possible to be free from overwhelm and burnout.

Because we will always be more than our illness.

Believe this to be true…You’re going to feel better and start enjoying life again!

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