The F.A.S.T. Journey ™ to Mental Freedom

A personalized mentoring program to help you rise from the ashes of your depressive disorder and improve focus, motivation, and productivity in your whole life.

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What would be possible if you had the mental freedom to do what’s important to you, like:

Having date nights with your significant other?

Being both physically and emotionally active for your kids?

Keeping plans with friends?

Organizing your home or office?

Launching your next amazing product or program offer?

Being visible on your social media streams?

Being in control of your to-do lists and daily tasks?

Releasing all of what no longer serves you?

But it all seems impossible because you’re living with a depressive disorder which...

Drains you of your energy and concentration

Robs you of your confidence

Creates chaos in your environment

Sherrie Lanell

Hi, I’m Sherrie Lanell, an Entrepreneur with Bipolar Disorder II and Anxiety.

I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs living with depressive disorders take their power back and own their life like a BOSS! See, I know first hand that it's possible to lead a life with joy, power, and freedom. Through intuitive coaching and mentoring, you will see what is possible to be free from overwhelm and burnout.

Because we will always be more than our illness.

It’s time to change the conversation you’re having with yourself that’s stopping you from living a joy-filled life. 

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I’ve been where you are

I’ve been living with depressive disorders for many years, and it has negatively affected me as an entrepreneur, wife, mother, and as a woman. I have struggled with fatigue, stinking thinking, over thinking, lack of motivation to do the simplest of things, and my confidence was shattered. My mental energy declined exponentially from the monster that is Bipolar II Depression and Anxiety. My mental energy was toxic to me and everyone around me. Over the years I’ve lost friends, frustrated my husband and children, and my businesses couldn’t grow because I had nothing left to put into them.

I felt like a fraud

It took a lot out of me to keep up the pace of someone who’s mentally healthy. I fooled people for a long time into believing I had it together. I couldn’t let on that in my mind, I was struggling with toxic energy and not feeling good. I was in complete denial about my diagnosis, resisting any and all ideas of not being mentally well. However, I couldn’t live this lie anymore; though I tried, it simply didn’t work until I realized having a mental illness presents challenges that requires honesty and an unshakable willingness to breakthrough the mental monster bullshit…

Stop giving the monster power

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The F.A.S.T. Journey ™, my signature mentoring program, is where you will...

F - Form a strong foundation for inner resilience by letting go of your habitual limiting thought patterns.

A - Ascend a new, empowered, and confident mindset

S - See and Be the mentally energetic YOU you desire

T- Take action and continuously slay those mental monsters

Start releasing toxic mental energy in a POWERFUL way

You and I will work together to help you overcome patterns of stinking thinking, revitalize your mental energy, co-create a new way of being, and realize your productivity goals in your home and business.

The F.A.S.T. Journey ™ Program Includes

A clarity conversation

This conversation will help you set your intention for breakthrough by identifying what is keeping you from mental freedom and gain clarity about any particular issue, decision, or goal.

Two 45-minute monthly deep-dive conversations

We will meet by phone and/or video (zoom). You will receive a recording of our conversation for deeper understanding and access to your exercises.

Unlimited email and text support

In between our conversations, I am available during business hours for additional support and accountability by email or text message through Voxer - a cell phone walkie-talkie app that’s AWESOME!

A mental energy follow-up plan for continued progress at the end of the program.

As someone who’s been where you are and continues to evolve and grow, I can say that you can have more moments of joy and freedom from your mental monsters. You have the power within you to stand up to them, ascend your phoenix, and let them know who’s boss…YOU ARE.

Do not overthink this…

tap apply now and take the next step toward mental freedom.

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Believe this to be true…You’re going to feel better and start enjoying life again!

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