[Video] Why do tiny humans play with things other than their toys?

Why do tiny humans play with things other than their toys?

Hi Friends,

My kids are something else. Santa Claus will be adjusting his list for sure this Christmas. With all the toys and games my tiny humans have, they would rather play with shit like cans, boxes, empty water bottles...if it's not a toy, they'll play with it. I thought they'd grow out of this by now because when they were toddlers, sure, they would rather play in the box their toys came in rather than the toys themselves. However, it has been proven to me that there is no age limit to this madness.

Yes. It's madness.

Last week, my little girl asked if she can build a tower out of all the canned foods in our cabinet. They were out anyway since I was in the middle of putting them in some type of order. I got overwhelmed with the task so I let her play with them. Shouldn't be a problem right? 


My other tiny human, my son, decided it would be entertaining to watch her build the can tower then knock it down. He taunted her with threats, she fired back with her own. I'm watching this premeditated exchange of violence from the kitchen and I'm wondering how this is going to turn out. It got to the point when all I heard was "stop it, you better not, I'm going to...." and that's when I grabbed my camera.

Her face at the end says it all.

Thank you for watching my family video. I hope you enjoyed watching a bit of our life through pictures. Photographs are so important as it allows you to go back in time, share a bit of history and relive your important moments with your family and friends. 

This particular episode in my life is definitely one to share with my tiny humans when they're grown and have kids of their own. 

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sherrie LANELL

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