[Video] Once Upon a Pritchard Christmas - Family Tree Trimming Party

Sherrie Lanell Photography-3730.jpg

My mom came up from the south to visit us before Christmas. It was a surprise to both of my tiny humans and it was a tough secret to keep from them. We originally wanted to surprise them by having my mother hang out by the tree farm and we show up but it didn't work out that way. Instead the surprise was when I picked her up and she walked through our door. My little guy was completely surprised to the point where he came out of the bathroom, saw her, and gasped hahaha. I wish I had made a picture of his reaction because it was pure gold. 

To see how our tree picking and trimming day unfolded, check out the video below.

Thank you for watching my family video. I hope you enjoyed watching a bit of our life through pictures. Photographs are so important as it allows you to go back in time, share a bit of history and relive your important moments with your family and friends. 

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