[Video] An After School Play Date

Hi Friends,

I hope you're having a great day as you're reading this blog entry. It is my hope that you had at least one moment that made you smile today. 

What made me smile today was when I was editing a short story film I made of my tiny humans and their friends on an impromptu play date after school. Their mom and I are friends. She's pretty awesome. I think what makes us click is not only are we similar in our family dynamic (married with same aged tiny humans) but we enjoy a lot of the same personal things. I also admire her extroverted personality which balances me out. Having said that, she also understands my introvertedness and I appreciate her so much for that. We still have lots to learn from each other as do our tiny humans. 

We are currently planning our summer adventures. We're definitely hitting up our neighboring water park, Mountain Creek again. Going on some hiking adventures along the Appalachian Trail and maybe we can get in some trips to NYC. We'll see.

I'm enjoying our time together and especially seeing our children grow up together. Here is a film I made of just an ordinary day after school at the bus stop. Since the weather has been GORGEOUS, our kids are reveling in the warmth of it. 

I hope you enjoyed watching some of the most precious moments of my life. Nothing brings more joy to me than to be in the presence of my family and friends and being able to freeze time with photographs. Photographs are so important as it allows you to go back in time, share a bit of history and relive your important moments. 

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sherrie LANELL

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