Treat the Introverts in Your Life Like You Would Your Cellphone

Introvert Thinking

Hey what's up? I am up this morning and ready to start my day. However, I went to bed uneasy with what felt like a million thoughts fighting for my attention. All of them shared a common theme and that was guilt. Guilt made me lose sleep last night. 

What did I feel guilt about though? Plenty but let's just deal with one reason for now. I often feel bad for wanting my space. It's important, in fact vital, for me to have time away in my own company. In that time alone, I am able to reflect on my life, hear my thoughts, take stock of everything I am feeling, and process them in the privacy of my solitude.

Sometimes, that need may hurt someone else's feelings as they feel rejected by me. It is assumed I am expressing some sort of protest to their company, upset, or sad. Then somehow, I wear the responsibility for their own insecurity lead assumptions and that shit ain't fair. 

What I wish to accomplish today so that maybe tonight I will have a good night's sleep, is to confront the people who take offense to our need (all of us who need it as I am not alone in this) to be quiet and to be IN the quiet. It is for our benefit emotionally, mentally, and physically to decompress alone and for as long as it is necessary. This also benefits those we care about because we want to be our best selves when in your company. The last thing we need, is to feel  and absorb your energy of rejection when we can't process it.


Look at it this way. When your cellphone or laptop battery starts to drain, it will not work as optimal as you would like it to. So you allow it to charge. If you continue to use it while it's charging, the battery will not replenish as quickly as if it were left alone. When it's at 100% it will work at its best for a very long time before having to recharge it again. 

The best thing you can do for yourself and for people like me is to give us the required time to recharge so we can be at our optimal best in our marriages, parenting, and friendships. 

Now, I have a cute baby and friend to visit today with my family, so I gotta get off this thing. I hope you will have a great day and to my introvert moms, I hope you will find your moment of peace today.  


sherrie LANELL