Street Photography in Orlando Florida's Famous Theme Parks

My family recently went on a 5 day vacation to play in many of Orlando Florida's famous theme parks. I think you know which parks I'm talking about, but I can't say here LOL. 

Aside of making thousands of photographs of my family as they ran from this ride to the next and back again, I was able to get some shooting done on the "street." I wanted to capture some of the moods of strangers and their families enjoying the parks. Here are a few of my favorites with more to come as I develop them. 

That is all I have for now but trust me, there is more on the way. I'm so glad that I was able to make these photographs because for a while, I haven't been feeling inspired. It happens sometimes to folks I suppose. It took a trip away from my normal everyday, to find my happy place again. I do hope you'll love these images as much as I do and please share with your friends.

Thank you <3


sherrie LANELL