Join me in October for a 3-day Content Marketing Strategy Workshop

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Hey girl,

Recently, I met up with M. Shannon Hernandez, founder and host of Time and Freedom Live and her event planner, Jasmine Cianflone of This Moment Events to do a walk through of Crystal Springs Resorts, a venue where she will host a 3-day workshop in October and I will be capturing it all as the official photographer. I came along to get an idea of the layout and I ended up making pictures of the emotional story that was clearly unfolding before me.

M. Shannon Hernandez and Jasmine Cianflone

As I walked behind them, I am thinking about how grateful I am to finally be able to meet them both in person. I met Shannon and Jasmine online in a wedding industry group on Facebook back when I was a wedding planner. I’ve never met either one of them in person until this day. We’ve been virtual friends for over 7 years and I watched them both grow exponentially into well sought after experts in their fields.

M. Shannon Hernandez and Jasmine Cianflone

Which leads me to think about how incredible this event they’re planning will be for entrepreneurs all over the country. Shannon has been amazing with helping people like me work through our content marketing strategies, get rid of our mental shit, and emerge as a kick ass leaders in our industries. When I say the mental shit, I’m talking about the self-sabotaging chatter in our minds, convincing us we “can’t”. She’s not about to let you nor I, continue in that mindset as she’ll call bullshit on it. I’m looking forward to not only documenting what will be a game changing event but to absorb more wisdom from her and her special guests.

Here is a glimpse of the day behind the scenes in the Day in the Life of M. Shannon Hernandez. I strongly urge you to join us on October 26-28, 2017 and get ready to walk away forever changed personally and professionally. Get ready to start marketing your business in a way that’s true to you. It truly is magic.

Join me and other entrepreneurs ready to take our content marketing to the next level at Time and Freedom Live. To learn more information and to register, visit