I am vegan for the animals

"What's cooking? A Vegan Journey" is a documentary blog revealing the good and the bad in my walk in veganism. I am grateful to not walk alone as my family transitions at their own pace. I am grateful to all of you who are on this journey with me, whether you're simply curious or a tenured vegan.

The choice was easy for me after seeing for myself what goes on in slaughter houses. My heart broke and continues to break for these animals. As a believer in God, He intended for us to eat plants and have animals as our friends (Gen 1:29-30) and it's by that, I will continue advocating for veganism.

It's not bad making the change. Cheese was the hardest, but I learned how to make cheeses from potatoes, nuts, and beans! The creative in me welcomes the challenge to explore and create new plant-based food.

🐏🐄🐮🐷🐟 = our friends ❤
🍆🍏🍊🍄🌴🌱🍒= our food

I thank you all for following me on my vegan journey as I continue to learn and do my part to save an animal from cruelty and unnecessary death.