Camping with the Cub Scouts at Wawayanda State Park

Hey Girl,

On father's day weekend, we had a great time camping with my son and his cub scout den at Wawayanda State Park. We arrived later in the day on Friday and found the perfect spot to set up camp which was in the area of the cub master and other experienced campers. Yep, I wanted to make sure that as a newbie we were close to the pros so we can observe the do’s and don’ts of camping. It was my first time camping outdoors since being a small child myself and I recall having a great time then. I had not a care in the world because...

Adults were in charge!

This time, I was one of the adults in charge and I was terrified my first night. When we set out to pitch our tent, reality struck that I will be sleeping out in the wild, in black bear country, with nothing but nylon covering separating us from them. Girl, this was not for me I thought. I really needed other adults to be in charge.

Let me tell you, I was scared.

I wasn’t afraid of roughing it per se, I was afraid of the unpredictable nature of wildlife...namely our black bear friends and bob cats. I love them to death but I feared us being loved by them to death.Our first night under the foggy stars was a quiet challenge for me to get through as I didn’t want to scare the tiny humans. So while my husband and tiny humans slept, I lay there wide awake taking in all the sounds of nature and entertaining my fears a bit with what I thought were huffing sounds.

Luckily for me, I was in the company of a fine group of experienced campers in my husband. den leaders, and the Cub Scouts. After a while, I got comfortable with my temporary living quarters. I closed my eyes until daylight woke me up.

I’m alive.

The first full day on the campsite began with breakfast, fellowship with the other parents, and more salamander play with the kids. We watched a search dog demonstration with Boomer the dog, went on a hike to hide a time capsule, and many of the parents took their cubs down to fish. It was a rather full and exciting day. I took the opportunity to retreat back to our tent to recharge by finishing Emilie Wapnick’s life-changing new book, How To Be Everything.

An unplugged life is EVERYTHING

One thing I have to say is that although I was comfortable being out there, I still had some reluctance to being out there without the comforts of technology. It's one thing to make a choice to unplug but when nature does it for you, it's a bit unsettling at first. On the other hand, not being in touch with the outside world was bliss. I didn't have access to any social media nor could I obsess over my inbox. While the cub scouts were playing and mingling with each other, I was able to make connections with the other parents through real, in-person, conversation.

The night closed with a couple of movies, toasted marshmallows, and more fellowshipping by the fire.

Put camping on your bucket list

If you've never gone camping, I encourage you to put it on your lists of adventures to do. It has been an experience that I am definitely going to take to again. I loved it all and I will be doing more of that; the fresh air, fears conquered, connections made, and quality time uninterrupted with family. Try it and it is my hope you'll find as much enjoyment in it as I did.

I hope you enjoyed watching some of the most precious moments of my life. Nothing brings more joy to me than to be in the presence of my family and friends and being able to freeze time with photographs. Photographs are so important as it allows you to go back in time, share a bit of history and relive your important moments. 

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sherrie LANELL

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