Vegan Pancakes that are Flour and Gluten Free


Hey there everyone! It's been a while since I shared a recipe. I have been trying out a few at a time and never got around to sharing on the blog. I am working on putting together a posting schedule in an effort to be a little more organized with it. So the recipe I'm sharing today is inspired by Jasmine of Sweet Simple Vegan. She has come up with many varieties to complete a Healthy 3-Ingredient  Vegan Pancake that's Oil and Gluten Free. Yep, that's right just three ingredients:

Oat Flour, Plant Milk, and Bananas.

That's it!


However, there are variations she recommends which I took the liberty of taking full advantage of. In my version I also included some organic coconut sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla. I also topped them with bananas, strawberries, and raw agave nectar.

The end result is simple indeed...DELISH!!! These pancakes kept me full a long time and the best part about this and I mean the absolute best part is the ENTIRE FAMILY loves them. We eat them all the time.

So a HUGE win thanks to Jasmine. I adore her, I follow her on Instagram and I'm pretty sure I will be reviewing more of her recipes.