30 Minute Coconut Curry | Minimalist Baker


I prepared this Easy Coconut Curry Dish about a week or so ago so that my mother-in-law could get a taste of how flavorful vegan meals can be. It is a favorite dish I love for how easy it is to prepare since most of the dry ingredients I keep on hand anyways. Let me tell you it smelled sooo amazing while I was cooking it. (see my sizzling video on instagram here)

I prepared this dish with and without the curry sauce. The spices were able to stand out on its own without the sauce. This made it easy for one of my tiny humans to eat as she's not a fan of overly spicy food (I love to over spice, which is why my sauce isn't as yellow as Dana's). With the curry sauce, it's just an amazing marriage of flavor. We had so much left, I was able to freeze the rest and have it again for another day.

This is definitely a staple dinner in my house. I can put this sauce on EVERYTHING!

If you have a recipe I should try that's a hit with your vegan transitioning family, please let me know about it in the comments below. Head over to the Minimalist Baker website too because she's got some great stuff on there.

PS: You should know, I did not receive any compensation for this featured recipe post. I shared it because I tried it myself and think you'll love it too.