My Tiny Human's Fruit For Breakfast


This vegan journey is rough when trying to appease and get tiny humans on board. My daughter wanted to know if she can skip breakfast because she didn't feel like eating it. I made her a bowl of cereal. When I asked her why not? She said it takes to long to eat. So with that, I asked her if she'd rather have a banana to which she replied "can you cut it up for me?"

As I sliced her bananas, I asked if she'd like to have anything else to which she replied "no!"

**head slams on counter**

When asked why, she said again it would take too long to eat. I'm like, dude what are you in a hurry for? You're a tiny human!!! So I made the executive decision to go ahead and peel a tangerine and pluck off a few grapes.

She was pleased and ate it all.

**hears angelic praises of "aaaaahhh!"**